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AT&T Projects

Video Bio

Short video Bio about Lisa's work at AT&T over the past 20 years.

ASG TV Promotion Video

Short Video used to promote ASG's new Communication Forum.

AI2030 Animated Short

Usually a early adapter of new technology, Lisa has resevations about trusting her new devices bulit with Artificial Intelligence. This animated short is called AI (Artificial Intelligence) 2030.

Mobius 2.0 - Promo Video 1

Video teaser for new version of Mobius - Project Management Software to be available at the end of 2017

Mobius 2.0 - Promo Video 2 - Making Your Job Easier

Video to show how the new Mobius 2.0 Software upgrade will help employees be more efficient, so they can get home on time to eat diner with their families.

ASG Executive Reporting Team - Past, Present, & Future

The ASG Executive Reporting team has evolved over the years. The use of Robotic Process Automation is now being used to help simplify the reporting process. The ASG PMO team explains their journey to using RPAs, and future use of BOTS.

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